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A day at the lake…

Saturday August twenty first in the year of our lord two thousand and ten… That’s not how this should start.. Yeah. Take two.

On Saturday, which was the 21st of August, I decided that I would take my sixth and eighth daughters out on a little excursion.  Number six DDdy Alna had just arrived, and number eight DD Nia had been with me a while but hadn’t had a proper photoshoot yet.  So I thought time to rectify that situation, and started packing.  I hate heading out and about with the dollfies, camera, and equipment by myself; so I called up a buddy of mine and lied to him about what we would be doing.  Essentially the conversation ran something like this.. “Yeah, I got some girls, we’re hanging out in downtown Berea.. We’re doing photos and then having beer!.”  which, I guess wasn’t exactly a lie.. more and extreme use of truth bending.

Anyways..  My good friend, Andy Poe decided to join me, so I went and picked him up and we headed to Coe Lake.  The weather was threatening but luckily we got some really good photos in before the rain killed the day.

So I guess without further yappin.. Lets get some pictures going!

Out and about on 08-21-10 in Berea, oh

Lovely Nia by the side of the lake, wearing an outfit that I found on Yahoo japan.. It really looked super cute on her.

Out and about on 08-21-10 in Berea, oh

Alna! She just arrived on friday.. Couldn’t wait to get her out and about for some photos. they are so worth it.

Out and about on 08-21-10 in Berea, oh

what a pair.. they really are cute together.

Out and about on 08-21-10 in Berea, oh

My Artistic Coordinator scouting ahead for me.. while I and the models took a break.. Needless to say, He was a little disappointed to find out the girls were vinyl.. but he took it in stride, and ended up having a blast by the end of the day.

Out and about on 08-21-10 in Berea, oh

Whats this an outfit change! Yeah.. anymore.. I just can’t help but wanna see them in more then one outfit.. which of course takes time, and you end up getting a lot of strange looks from passerbys as you strip a doll naked.. ^^;

Out and about on 08-21-10 in Berea, oh Out and about on 08-21-10 in Berea, oh

Many years ago.. Berea, went about updating the area around Coe Lake, they’ve really done a fantastic job.. when I was a kid this Gazebo wasn’t there.. An interesting side bit, this Gazebo hosted my middle brother’s wedding about ten years ago. Another interesting side bit, the area around where these photos were taken, there used to be a skateboard park.. I broke many a good bicycle rims on that skateboard park.. surprised I didn’t break a good many body part too.

Out and about on 08-21-10 in Berea, oh

One thing about Berea.. which was my old hometown, I live just in a neighboring city now.. but I still considering myself a Berean, but the sandstone from Berea was world famous, and was used in many many Grindstones.. The City celebrates this heritage by having Grindstones all over the place, and also has a festival called the "Grindstone Festival."

Out and about on 08-21-10 in Berea, oh

Nia wearing some hotpats from Puppy Love! You can see more of Puppy52’s great work at her blog.

Out and about on 08-21-10 in Berea, oh

This Dolphin has been outside the city pool for as long as I can remember.. for as long as a lot of people can remember. It actually might’ve been placed here by Indians.. we’re not sure.. but anyways.. Alna loved playing with the HUGE!! Dolphin.

Thats about all for our trials and tribulations, about the time we go to the Dolphin.. the sky was starting to drip so we decided to call it a day, put the camera and the girls away and headed to the Cornerstone Brewery for a bit of lunch and some beer!


Angry Gorilla, Cornorstone’s take on Hefeweizen.. was just what the doctor ordered after a solid day of Dollfie Photography!

White pizza

White Pizza.. was pretty good, not as good as Dante’s which is a place I used to work at.. but, ya know what they say about first loves and all.

To close out a final message from my girls to all my Dollfie loving friends out there.



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