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Exchanging books…

So today being the day after finals, I headed to the school to see what little money I could get back on the books I had purchased. Having arrived at the book store I did my exchange and discovered that I was the special winner, and my special prize.. Wasn’t more money. Darnnit! My special prize was a razor. I guess I shouldn’t complain its a nice razor, which is below.

I also received some cash.. One hundred thirty five dollars worth.. Not too bad, but when I paid close to three hundred for the books in the first place I’m reminded that this is a racket… Ahh well, that’s the price of an education.


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To Time Warner Cable..

Dear Time Warner:

I understand tornado watches are important, but does the watch alert have to continue for more then twenty minutes. Wouldn’t it be more effective doing alerts such as these in bursts. Just a thought.

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