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Trial and error photography, at least the subjects keep quiet…

So I went ahead and finally started posting some dollfie pictures here.. I knew I would.. was only a matter of time really.

So I spent sometime this morning fiddling with my new camera, and various setups, lighting, and my new highly improvised photo booth! 

A few pieces of cheap foam board goes a long way eh.

So here are some pics please enjoy the hell out of em!

Mikuru and Beatrice both got new outfits.. thats what spurned this experiment on, thought I’d go ahead and see what I could get out of some natural light. 

Though all these photos got tweaked just a bit on the computer before posting em.

Beatrice is my super model/porn star girl.. My Bro Anime Affection did a fabolous job with her face up!  All the props in the world go to the dude.

My absolute favorite shot of the day!  I just loved how this one turned out!  and yes it was a major pain to get her to hold this pose!


May 13, 2010 - Posted by | Dollfie Dream

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  1. The photos came out really nice bro! Love that look on Beato~

    Comment by AnimeAffection | May 13, 2010 | Reply

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